Curriculum Vitae

Geoff Scrimgeour

Skill and Capabilities

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    IAM especially in education is my leading interest.
  • Project management
    My experience as a Principal, senior team leader and project manager for over 15 years together with my that you need to 'own' the problem especially in the human resource and other critical areas leans my capabilities and skills towards Project management.
  • Help desk:
    Experienced help desk support and trouble shooting .
  • Experience
    My long experience in education, ICT including network management and leadership means that I have experience in many areas of ICT support and project management.


Achievements and Projects

  • Current projects
    • Crystal (2014- )
      Introduce the benefits of Crystal to over 50k users by implementing the IAM and provisioning systems from the Loop into the new cloud environment.
    • InfoPOP (1990- )
      Continue to develop and support technology in "Future Focused Learning".
    • IAM (2006- )
      Continue to work with leading educational strategies to promote and implement a powerful IAM system into NZ education.
    • Community computing ... helping rural communities with ICT (voluntary)
  • Immediate past projects
    • The Nelson Loop (2004-2014)
      CEO and manager of the Nelson Loop. The Loop was a new generation ultrafast fibre educational across the top of the South Island. The Loop had 30 000+ users, 60+ schools including tertiary (NMIT) institutions. It provided the model for the N4L and has since been absorbed by that organisation.
    • Team leader (Education and Network manager) (1990-2010)
      Manager of the award winning Nayland College network.
      CCNA and cabling instructor.
  • Past experience:
    I have been working in the area of ICT since 1990 and have been working on a number of related tasks.

Work record

  • Crystal (2006- )
    The Crystal brand is a spin off the Nelson Loop on its demise.
    Crystal is a web based IAM service that generate a individual learner profile and from that manages that users IAM and provisioning ... that is deliver the best learning resource to the learner anywhere, anytime and anyplace.
  • The Loop (2004-2014).
    Manager of the Nelson Loop. A $million+ enterprise owned by the participating schools.
    The Loop works worked with dark fibre. The manager was solely responsible for the purchase, build and maintain of Layer, 2,3,4+, strategy, planning and operation.of this network.
  • Nayland College Educator, network manager, CISCO instructor (2000-2010).
    I was a teacher, registered Cisco instructor, cabling instructor, senior teacher, Network and Loop manager ... simultaneous with a team of 5.
  • Full work records (unlinked) can be found here.

 References and Referees:
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Digital card

Geoff Scrimgeour
12 Poplar Lane, Collingwood, Tasman, Nelson, NZ (7073)
Phone: 037444106                                
Cell: 0273007810    
Hangout:  Crystal                               
Skype: geoffscrimgeour

I have had a long and successful 45 year career in Educational and ICT.
I am now interested in pursuing more focused tasks.

  • Long term I plan to work on delivering more focused learning environment to the New Zealand learner.
  • Short term I enjoy short term contractual work where I can use my experience and skills.


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